Sky Litter
inbreeding coefficient: 3,02 
relationship rate: 6,04
the 10th of October the 2nd litter of Sky was born, 2 boys and 5 girls.
The father is Danny, a dog from Finland, his back round is European, American and Australian.
The mother is Skye, she is imported from America.
The theme for this litter will be Sky, seems logical because of the name of moms and also because travel through the sky is the big factor for this combination.

Dollydane's Morgan Freeman
Keliaire Cuz I Can
Afbeelding invoegen

Afbeelding invoegen
Afbeelding invoegen Afbeelding invoegen

Clad: free via DNA

CLAD: free via DNA
PRA rcd 4: free via DNA
PRA rcd 4: free via DNA

Parents Grand parents Great grand parents
Dollydane's Morgan Freeman  Gwaihir's Chreigton
C.I.E VDH CH KBHV-07 SEV-08 KBHV-09  Dont-Blame-Me
 Gwaihir's Ballymena

Gwaihir's Ballymena
LV MVA BY MVA EEJV-08 BYV-08 Avon Farm Jack Be Nimble
 Chic Choix Maid Marion
Keliaire Cuz I Can Antaras Redhot Lover Antaras Bobby Jones
Rumraisin Milhone
Keliaire Happily Ever After
Shadagee Red Reflection of Kerry-Eire
Indecent Proposal