Hello, My name is Marike and together with my husband Luuk, I run a small Irish Setter kennel named "Of the Autumm Sun"

I always wanted a dog, did not know which breed until I came across a Setter, I fell in love, a setter it would be.

May 1999, my first setter was born, 3 months later I went to get her from the kennel "van de Westerhuy". Her name was Ashmara Djamilla, calling her Shjarin.

After two years I got my second Setter, a half-sister of Shjarin, named Gemanja Zarena van de Westerhuy, I called her Zinzi.


I wanted to start breeding with the Irish Setters, but my house was not suitable, so in 2002 I moved to Nagele, to a house with lots of space for my dogs and pups.


I registered my new kennel, and the name became "Of the Autumm Sun"

Autumn, a beautiful season, the colours changing of the leaves, the colour of the Setter in many varieties. Autumm with double M, from a poem about Ireland.


In 2004 the first litter of the Autumm Sun was born. The mother was Zinzi. My first litter, It was very special for me to watch, little pups growing up into little rascals of 9 weeks.

Now 11 years and 9 litters later my husband Luuk and I take care of our dogs and their litters.

Sadly Shjarin passed away in 2012, she was 13 years old.

Zinzi is living with friends, who already had two of her daughters.

Djeda passed away in 2015, she gave us 3 beautifull litters.


At the moment we have 4 setters at home, Yall (imported from England), Los, Skye (imported from the USA) and Journey, also imported fom the USA


Also very important to our kennel are Blossom, Donja and Jente, they live with friends.

Blossom (daughter of Zinzi) returned in 2009, for a litter of her own.

Donja (a daughter of Blossom) returned in 2013 to have her litter (Kiss Litter), Jente is from this litter and hopefully she will return in a few years to get a litter of her own.


Our dogs live in our home, we choose not to use kennels.

We take the dogs for a long walks into the forest. They can play with other dogs, pick up smells, follow their nose, get into the water, enjoy themselves, have fun.
We try to help the owners of our pups as much as we can when they encounter problems. We like to keep in touch with the pup owners and about once a year we organize an "Autumm Sun" day, here we see many of the "puppies" back.